The world is declaring a climate emergency. Burnout is now officially recognised as a legitimate syndrome with the World Health Organisation. Could some of the solutions to these burning issues lie in their connection, or as they currently stand, disconnection?

It is through awareness, understanding and appreciation that we learn how to value something. Disregarding the importance of learning how to value nature results in an inability to identify it as one of our principal sources of happiness, wellbeing and vitality.

We are so intrinsically linked with our environment that by ignoring, polluting and destroying it, we are essentially doing the same to ourselves.

The positive impact time in nature has on mental and physical health has been well documented by health professionals at this stage. Studies and articles relating to the effects nature-based activities such forest bathing, hiking and nature-based retreats have on wellbeing being are covered daily in mainstream media, as are apocalyptic statistics of our planet in crisis and rising levels of anxiety, depression and suicide.

There are many factors at play with these complex issues, such as socio-economic or genetic disadvantages, and there is no quick easy fix, but by beginning the process of healing the damage we have caused to the earth through nurturing it, protecting it and spending time in it, we will inevitably help our own health at a holistic level.

Time in nature costs nothing to our pockets or planet and is the most effortless form of therapy and source of energy. We urgently need to rekindle our innate relationship with it and stop burning ourselves and the earth at both ends.

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