We were delighted to have opened up the Irish Times at the weekend to find Cnoc Suain’s Kickstarter campaign featured in an article by Sylvia Thompson which draws attention to the global urgency of rewilding in the search for solutions to climate change.

Rewilding is a conservation movement which aims to protect and restore natural habitats to increase biodiversity and nurture ecosystems, enabling the earth to heal itself naturally. At Cnoc Suain we maintain a small amount of the land surrounding the hill village for pathways and organic gardening, the rest of our protected 200 acres grows wild and free.

The piece sat neatly below another of Michael Viney’s brilliant nature articles, which relates to the same topic. Michael and Ethna Viney have been a great source of information and inspiration to us over the years, and have been incredibly supportive of the Cnoc Suain project since its beginnings, with Michael once calling Charlie Troy “A tireless disciple of natural Connemara – animal, vegetable, mineral.”