We invite you to join us in our cultural and creative retreat – a restored rural hill-village set in 200 acres of Connemara wilderness – a 20 minute drive from                                                                                                               Galway city. Pre-booking required.

In this evocative natural setting we offer you a unique window into Gaelic culture and creativity – traditional and contemporary. Our international award-                                                                               winning cultural experiences, presented in English, are best suited to adults.

“For a true cultural immersion in the Gaelic way of life, visit Cnoc Suain. The evocative setting of Connemara wilderness, coupled with the hospitality and genuine experiences at Cnoc Suain, makes it a must-visit destination on the Wild Atlantic Way.”
Prachi Joshi, Happytrips.com

Conamara Cultural Exploration

Join us for fascinating stories and insights into the Gaelic way of life.

This Excursion is for Independent Travellers.


  •  Small-group experience (25 max) offering an exclusive and engaging ‘Conamara Gaeltacht Exploration’ for Independent Travellers. (Conamara Gaeltacht is the Gaelic speaking area of Connemara)
  •  A unique opportunity to visit Cnoc Suain hill-village and to relax and enjoy Gaelic culture & heritage in its true heartland. An all-weather, 3-part experience. Presented in English.
  • Spectacular surroundings inspire memorable photos of the Wild Atlantic Way


‘Conamara Gaeltacht Experience’ details:  Online Booking only | Age:18+yrs

 Please note:  Due to limited capacity and the fragile bogland environment surrounding the hill-village, visitor numbers are carefully managed. Cnoc Suain is not open to the public on a ‘walk-in’ basis. The residential section of the hill-village is open to residents only.   



Conamara Cultural Experience

Engaging, informative & fun!

This Experience is for private organised groups only

We bring you to the heart of the unique indigenous culture and landscape of Connemara. An all-weather – c.2 hour – 3-part experience, presented in English.

>The Thatched Cottage: Illuminating fireside stories on aspects of the Gaelic language, music, customs & traditions.

>The Field Room: Fascinating insights into the wonders of the wild Atlantic bogland.

>The Meeting House: Music, song & dance – with guest participation.

Available: March to November ; Monday to Saturday; Morning or Afternoon; Pre-booking essential.

Contact: info@cnocsuain.com for further details on our Conamara Gaelic Cultural Experience.

“For me it was the highlight of my trip to Ireland. Thank you so much for this amazing cultural endeavour”  Dr. Maura Krusinski, Penn.

Cnoc Suain Heritage Experience

A private small group experience in this restored Conamara hill-village. Enjoy fascinating bogland revelations in the Field room and fireside stories in a thatched cottage, sharing insights into our indigenous culture and creativity.

Available: November to March subject to availability; Pre-booking essential c.1 1/4 – hour        duration.                                                                                                                          Contact: info@cnocsuain.com for further details.

“Although Cnoc Suain was just a small stop on our tour, it has conquered our hearts! A wonderful place to come to rest and to discover wild Connemara.” TripAdvisor.

Cnoc Suain Student Programme

This place-based experiential programme takes place in an original and natural setting and allows students gain a genuine insight into local culture, creativty and nature.

A 3-part all-weather programme – c. 2 hour duration – the emphasis is on participation, learning and fun!

Available: February to November; Pre-booking essential.                                                             Contact: info@cnocsuain.com for further details on our student programme.

“Thank you for the outstanding hospitality, dance instruction, cultural sharing, beautiful music….a Saturday we will all remember” Jan Ellen Davis, educator, Purdue University, Indiana.

Conamara Folkloric Evening

A unique and authentic evening programme of Irish culture in the international award-winning cultural and creative retreat of Cnoc Suain – with entertaining ‘live’ presentations and enjoyable participatory activities throughout.

An exclusive all-weather – 2-hour Gaelic cultural programme – in the English language.

Contact: info@cnocsuain.com for further details on our Conamara Folkloric Evening.

“I wanted to thank you for the great experience my group have had at Cnoc Suain. Thank you for the lovely set up and programme, as well as great live music and dancing. I look forward to working with you soon again” . GoodCause Travel Ltd, London.